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Rapid has been a preferred and continual provider of wet and dry Fire Safety Upgrade services to social & community housing property providers, and other clients, since 2006. Since then Rapid has delivered various Fire Safety Upgrade Works for NSW Land & Housing Corporation, and other clients, to in excess of 14,000 single occupancy units, as well as extensive upgrade works in common areas of low-to-medium-rise unit blocks.

Rapid has the required resources in-house and via our extensive team of long-term trade subcontractors and consultants to deliver all manner of Fire Safety Upgrade work. We implement our traditional, tried and tested program management techniques to organise, manage and direct all tasks within time, quality and budgetary requirements. Our program management process is fleet-of-foot, providing a swift mobilisation and taking into account initiation, needs analyses, thorough planning, execution of tasks, progress monitoring and delivery.

Rapid Construction and subcontractor personnel deployed on projects in social housing settings have developed a deep understanding of the challenges of delivering in what can often be a difficult environment.

In many cases we are providing service to some of the most disadvantaged members of our society who are suspicious of authority and reluctant to allow strangers into their home – this requires high degrees of moral and ethical standards which may not be found in equal measure among all personnel working in the building and construction industries, unless they have received expert guidance and remain mindful of the terms and conditions of their engagement with Rapid and the Principal. Many tenants are elderly, frail, suffering from physical ailments and dealing with mental illness; many suffer isolation, loneliness and may feel ostracized by society. Our training program seeks to instil in all personnel empathy and compassion to maximise their sensitivity to tenant needs.

Similarly, all personnel must be cognisant and respectful of a spectrum of cultural sensitivities and differences which may not be readily apparent. It is of profound benefit to our clients and a source of deep pride for us that we have been able to put together teams who are not only excellent tradespeople but also leaders in their field with regard to showing cultural and social respect, without prejudice, to each and every tenant.