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Throughout our history Rapid has worked as both head contractor and specialist contractor in carrying out Heritage works. We have worked in close collaboration with NSW’s leading Heritage Architects. We possess internal heritage knowledge and awareness in full adherence to the Burra Charter. As we work with Heritage Architects we collaborate closely with them to ensure the fabric and significance of the property and its surrounding precinct are preserved.

A central element to our continued success is our robust planning, rigorous programme management, consultative stakeholder engagement and client oriented delivery. Our delivery focuses on user groups; accommodating all key groups, including members of the public, to ensure quality delivery on time and within budget.

Our Managing Director Ian Holswich and other personnel have an enduring passion for the challenges and sense of achievement to be found in working in the Heritage arena and this advocacy for the preservation, sympathetic adaptation and renewal of Australia’s rich cultural heritage is a core element setting us apart from other builders. Any addition to a heritage asset, whether major or minor, fundamentally involves a change to that asset. We strive to maintain the significance of the asset, guided by the Burra Charter.